Overcoming the things that keep holding you back

Good morning! The sun is shining and I’m definitely ready for what the spring/ summer has to offer.

Do you ever feel like your holding yourself back at things? I do all the time. I’m a panicker a big one at that. It doesn’t take much for a thought to enter my head an all of a sudden BOOM worry kicks in and everything apparently is going to go wrong… Or so my brain tells me.

I’m pretty good at holding myself back the ‘what ifs’ are pretty good at that but actually when I get going with an idea there isn’t anything holding me back I’m go go go.

I’m starting to learn that if I hold myself back there is a very little chance I’m going to get anywhere… And I mean that ANYWHERE.

So I made myself a list that if and when I hit that brick wall I know what to do next.

1. Take a break – stopping for even 20 minutes can help clear your mind ready for you to get back into what you were doing.

2. Eat or drink something – this is a given, sometimes you have these moments where your struggling to do something because your brain is telling you to have something to eat or drink something.

3. Get some fresh eyes – this is the one I’m learning to do more. We’re almost programmed to want to hide an idea from others in fear that they will steal your idea… WRONG. The liklihood is getting someone new with possibly less knowledge on the subject can help you climb over the barrier holding you back.

4. Change of location – if you’ve been stuck inside all day go to a new location to help create new ideas.

5. Sounds around you – I work best listening to music, nothing too extreme but enough to keep your mind going. Again if you find sounds distracting take yourself away and find somewhere quiet.

This morning I’m heading over to Cardiff for the first time this year. I’m really excited as I lived here for 3 years whilst I was studying my degree. Im absolutely loving this weather and can’t wait to enjoy the sun when I arrive to one of my favourite locations!

Enjoy the weather and embrace everything offered to you! ☀️


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