Lucky number 7?

When I started this blog I want entirely sure what exactly I’d be writing about and hey I was okay with that. Growing up I wasn’t exactly the most confident person, I had this weird condition no one knew about and it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to discuss when people made fun of you. But creating this blog I’ve allowed myself to talk about what makes me, me and the experiences I’ve had, to hopefully make a difference.

So many people have been very supportive over what will be 10 years of feet operations this year, and I am so so thankful for that (and always will be). I am currently 10 months post surgery on my left foot, which is still very sore and often leads to tears due to the pain.

Last week I met with my current surgeon (who has done 3 of my 6 feet surgeries) and a child/ adolescent surgeon, after a pretty thorough examination it was revealed that unfortunately this year I will face my 7th surgery (6th on this one foot). There will be 3 joints in my foot broken and will all be re-positioned with more screws and plates if needed. Of course I’m heart broken at this news but I am hoping that this surgery will reduce my pain and for me that’s the main thing… And the dream!

This last year has been utterly draining, physically and mentally. I’ve had to take a step back from my aspirations and allow my foot and body to recover. I was so nervous that I would be given the news that nothing could be done – so really I can only be hopeful.

So for now it’s a waiting game, I’ve got to wait for a pre-op and then a date for surgery. It could be a possible 4-6 month wait but I am on a list that if a last minute surgery becomes available, it would be offered.

Heres to looking forward to a healthier year!


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