Scotland bound


So I arrived in Glasgow Tuesday afternoon and absolutely having somewhere new to explore!

Tuesday evening I went to see the live broadcast of Everybody’s talking about Jamie at the cinema and it did not fail to impress. It was actually so lovely to see the cinema full of different generations who may not have the chance to see the show on the west end. It was a beautiful story and the cast were fabulous.

What scared me the most about coming up north was the weather. Flying into Glasgow I saw snow, lots and lots of snow in fields and surrounding areas but I was pleasantly pleased to arrive in Glasgow with no snow setting!

The main reason I decided to come to Glasgow was for a fresh start, it’s so refreshing exploring a new place and forget everything that was going on. I’m applying for lots of different opportunities here in Glasgow and back in Bristol, keeping my fingers crossed that something will come my way. I’m allowing myself to just have space and work out what matters to me and explore a new place.

So if you’re struggling, take a break from everything going on, stop what you’re doing and do something different. Be selfish and look after yourself. My break was up here in Glasgow and I’m excited for the adventures that are yet to come.

There’s so much to visit and I’m so excited to explore more here in Scotland!


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