Lucky number 7?

When I started this blog I want entirely sure what exactly I’d be writing about and hey I was okay with that. Growing up I wasn’t exactly the most confident person, I had this weird condition no one knew about and it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to discuss when people made fun of you. … More Lucky number 7?

Marfan anniversary!

I’ve held off posting about CHD/ Heart/Marfan Syndrome month so far because 7 years ago today I was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. For those who don’t know, Marfan Syndrome is a connective tissue disorder that pretty much effects everything in your body – heart, eyes, bones, lungs and joints. Everyone with the condition is affected … More Marfan anniversary!

Time to talk

The word mental health has been in my life for a very long time. I’ve supported friends and family members during their darkest hours and witnessed the aftermath of someone feeling at their lowest. It’s not a nice thing, especially when the help needed isn’t always offered, or only offered when an individual takes it … More Time to talk

Scotland bound

Hello!! So I arrived in Glasgow Tuesday afternoon and absolutely having somewhere new to explore! Tuesday evening I went to see the live broadcast of Everybody’s talking about Jamie at the cinema and it did not fail to impress. It was actually so lovely to see the cinema full of different generations who may not … More Scotland bound

The BIG Move!

Good morning! So I’ve been hinting at this for the last few months, tomorrow I’m going on a one way ticket to Glasgow! A few weeks ago my sister moved up there for job reasons and has offered me a home from home whenever I need it! I don’t know how long I’ll be away … More The BIG Move!

2018 Recap!

Well hello there, Yes I know I’m late to the party on this one but here’s my recap of 2018… I’ve gone back to my 18 wishes for 2018 post and thought that would be a great way to start… 1. Work on more projects that matter – I created a lot of content in 2018, … More 2018 Recap!