Charlotte Haines



Hello, I’m Charlotte, I am based in Bristol. I am a Film Maker with a passion for video editing. I am also a Health and Lifestyle Blogger, sharing my experience and advice. I have always wanted to help people and found the media form a positive way of sharing my ideas and voice.

I have created content for charity promotional videos, documentaries, short films and music videos. I have runner experience and always ready to learn.

I first started blogging in 2016 as of one of the six USW Student Bloggers sharing my experience and advice of being a student. Since graduating with a BA (Hons) Media Production degree in July 2017, I have continued to share my experience of life after university.

I have hosting experience and have presented at events such as 2017 Ffresh Festival ‘Find Your Followers on Social Media‘ and USW’s Create masterclass ‘To blog or not to blog‘ with two Cardiff based bloggers.

I have a Emergency First Aid at Work qualification.

To get in contact with me please visit my contact page or email .